Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Travel of Rizal

Secret Mission:

“to observe keenly the life and culture, languages and customs, industries and commerce, and governments and laws of the European nations in order to prepare himself in the mighty tasks of liberating his oppressed people from Spanish tyranny”

First Travel (1882 – 1887)

·      May 3, 1882
o  SS Salvadora
o  Jose Mercado
·      May 9, 1882
o  Singapore1
o  Djemnah
·      Mar 11, 1882 – May 17, 1882
o  Point Galle (Ceylon2)
o  Aden3
o  Suez Canal4
o  Port Said
·      June 11, 1882 – June 12, 1882
o  Naples and Marsailles5
·      June 15, 1882 – June 16, 1882
o  Port Bou
o  Barcelona6: “Amor Patrio”(LaongLaan), “Los Viajes” and “Revista de Madrid”
·      May 20, 1882
o  Universidad Central de Madrid
o  Consuelo Ortiga y Perez
o  “They Ask Me for Verses”: Circulo-Hispano Filipino
·      June 17, 1883 – August 20, 1883
o  Paris7 (costliest capital in Europe)
o  Member of Mason (Acacia)
·      June 24, 1884 – June 25, 1884
o  Financial worries
o  Salute to Luna (Spoliarium) and Hidalgo’s (VirgenesChristianasExpuestas al Populacho) Victory
·      November 20, 1884 – November 22, 1884
o  Student demonstration for Dr. Miguel Morayta, Prof. of History in UCM
·      June 21, 1884
o  Licentiate in Medicine
o  Doctor of Medicine (did not present his thesis)
·      June 19, 1885
o  Licentiate in Philosophy and Letters
·      November 1885 – February 1886
o  Paris: Dr. Louis de Weckert
·      February 1, 1886 – 1887
o  Germany (Strasbourg)8
o  Heidelberg: “To the Flowers of Heidelberg”
o  University Eye Hospital: Dr. Otto Becker
o  Clinics of Dr. Schultzer& Dr. Galezowski
o  Wilhemsfeld: Pastor Ullmer
o  Prof. Ferdinand Blumentritt (Director of Ateneo of Leitmeritz, ethnologist)
o  Leipzig: Prof. Friedrich Ratzel (historian) and Dr. Hans Meyer (anthropologist)
o  Dresden: Dr. Adolph Meyer (Director of Anthropological and Ethnological Museum)
o  Member of Anthropological, Ethnological and Geographical Society (recommended by Dr. FeoderJagor and Dr. Meyer)
·      March 21, 1887
o  Noli me Tangere was published
o  Dr. Maximo Viola
o  Suspected as French spy (territorial dispute over Alsace-Lorraine)
·      Grand Tour of Europe with Viola
(May 11 to June 29, 1887)
o  Germany: Dresden
o  Czech: Leitmeritz, Prague9
o  Austria: Vienna, Danube River10
o  Germany: Lintz, Salzburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Rheinfall
o  Switzerland: Schauffhausen, Basel, Baden, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva11
o  June 23, 1887 – parted ways
o  Italy: Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Vatican City12

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