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Second Travel of Rizal


Second Travel (1888 – 1892)

·      February 3, 1888: Zafiro
·      February 8, 1888: Hongkong1
o  Jose Ma. Basa, BalbinoMaurico and Manuel Yriarte
o  Shadowed by Jose Sainz de Varanda
·      February 18, 1888: Kiu-kiang
o  Macao2
·      February 22 – April 13, 1888: Oceanic
o  Japan3
o  Invited by Juan Perez Caballero to live at Spanish legation
o  Met O-Sei-san (Seiko Usui)
·      April 13 – April 28, 1888:Belgic
o  USA4
o  Tetcho Suehiro (“Nankai-No-Daiharan” or Storm Over the South Sea and O-unabara or The Big Ocean)
·      May 4, 1888
o  San Francisco
o  Nevada
o  New York “big town”
·      May 16, 1888: City of Rome
o  Liverpool, England5
·      May 1888 – March 1889
o  Boarded at Beckett (Gertrude “Gettie”)
o  Bad news:
§ Persecution of Filipino patriots who signed the Anti-Friar Petition of 1888
§ Persecution of Calamba Tenants
§ Furious attacks to him by Sen. Salamanca and Vida in Cortes and by Pesengaños (WenceslaoRetana) and Quiopqiap (Pablo Feced) in Spanish newspapers, etc.
o  Annotate Antonio de Morga’s Sucesos de Las Islas de Filipinas
o  Met Marcelo H. del Pilar and Mariano Ponce (in Spain6)
o  Master Mason of La Solidaridad Assosacion (Los Agricultores Filipinos)
o  Wrote:
§ La Vision del Fray Rodriguez (Dimas Alang)
§ Letter to the Young Women of Malolos
§ Specimens of Tagalog folklore and Two Eastern Fables
·      May 6, 1889: Universal Exposition in Paris
o  Eiffel Tower
o  Kidlat Club, Indios Bravos, International Association of Filipinologists
o  Wrote Filipinas Dentro de Cien Años, Sobre La Indolencia de los Filipinos, Por Telefono(D.A.)
o  Project for Filipino College in Hongkong
·      January 28, 1890: Belgium7
o  Presentiment of Death
o  Romance with Suzanne “Petite” Jacoby
·      April 1890 – February 1891: Madrid8
o  Misfortunes:
§ Failure to get justice for his family
§ Death of JOMAPA
§ Duel with Antonio Luna and Wenceslao Retana
§ Infidelity of Leonor Rivera
§ Rival with M. del Pilar
·      February 1891: Biarritz9
o  Stayed with the Bousteads (Nellie)
·      May 30, 1891: Ghent, Belgium10
o  Finished El Filibusterismo
o  Valentin Ventura
·      November 1891 – June 1892: Melbourne
o  Hongkong11
o  Family Reunion
o  Ophthalmic Surgeon: Dr. Lorenzo P. Marques
o  New Borneo Colonization Project
o  La Liga Filipina constitution
o  Last Hongkong letters: To my Parents, Brethren and Friends and To the Philippines

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