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Timeline of Dr. Jose Rizal


Birth, Ancestry, Childhood
(1861 – 1869)
1861 (June 16) named after San Jose
*Wednesday, moonlit
*Calamba, Laguna
(June 22)
*Baptismal Day (Fr. Rufino Collantes)
         1.       Hereditary
         2.       Environmental
      3.     Aid of Divine Providence
*Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonzo
*Rizal “a field of wheat”
*Principalia(private library and a carriage)
*“Spare the rod and spoil the child.”
*Death of Concha: Rizal’s First Sorrow
*The Story of the Moth
Formal Search for Knowledge

4 R’s: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Religion

1st Teacher: Rizal’s Mother
June 1869 – December 1872
*Biñan: Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruz
*Painting lessons: Juancho (father-in-law)
·         Cavite Mutiny (January 20, 1870)
·         Execution of GOMBURZA (Feb. 17, 1872)
·         Injustice to his mother
June 10, 1872 – 1877
Ateneo Municipal (ADMU)
*Entrance exam: Colegio San Juan de Letran
*Jesuit education: rigid and discipline
*Prophecy of Mother’s release
*Interests in reading:
·         Universal History by Cesar Cantús
·         Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
*Best Professor: Fr. Francisco Paula de Sanchez
·         Secretary of Marian Congregation
·         member of Academy of Spanish Literature and of Natural Sciences
*Sculptural works:
·         Image of Virgin Mary (batikuling)
·         Image of Sacred Heart of Jesus (Fr. Lleonart)
·         Mi Primera Inspiracion
·         other religious poems and about education
*First Romance: Batanguena Segunda Katigbak (14 yr. old)
Medical Studies at UST
April 1877 – 1882
*Philosophy and Letters and Medicine
*Finished Surveying (Perito Agrimensor):1881
*Romances with other girls:
·         “Miss L”,
·         Leonor “Orang” Valenzuela
·         Leonor “Taimis” Rivera
*Victim of Spanish brutality
*Liceo Artistico-Literario:
·         A la Juventud Filipina (1879)
·         El Consejo de los Dioses (1880)
·         Compañerismo: (Companions of Jehu)
March 1882 – June 1887

First Homecoming
(1887 – 1888)
July 3, 1887 – July 30, 1887
Djemnah: Marseilles to Saigon
August 5, 1887
Haiphong: Manila
August 8, 1887
       1.       To operate on his mother’s eyes
      2.       To serve his people who has long been oppressed by Spanish tyrants
3.       To find out for himself how Noli and his other writings were affecting the Filipinos and Spaniards in the Philippines
4.       To inquire why Leonor Rivera remained silent
*Established a medical clinic “Dr. Uliman” – Php 5,000
*Could not perform surgical operation
*Encouraged townmates in gymnastics, fencing, and shooting
*Bodyguard: Lt. Jose Taviel de Andrade
*Attackers of Noli: Fr. Salvador Font and Fr. Jose Rodriguez
*Death of his sister Olimpia
*Calamba’s Agrarian Problem (Friar Hacienda 1883)
*Wrote poem “Himno al Trabajo”
February 1886 – June 1892
Second Homecoming
“The battlefield is in the Philippines”
June 26, 1892 – June 28, 1892
*With Lucia returned to Manila (Noon) and met Gov. Despujol
*Visited his friends
July 3, 1892
*Founding of La Liga Filipina (KKK and Cuerpo de Comprimisarios)
Motto: Unus Instar Omnium (One Like All)
July 6, 1892
Arrested and jailed in Fort Santiago : Pobres Frailes
July 15, 1892 – July 17, 1892 (12:30 AM)
Cebu steamer for deportation in Dapitan
Exile in Dapitan
(1892 – 1896)
July 17, 1892 – 1896
Jurisdiction of Jesuits
*Befriend Capt. Ricardo Carnicero
*Wins in Manila Lottery: 9736 (Sept. 21, 1892): Carcinero, Rizal and Francisco Equilia of Dipolog 2nd price Php 20,00
Php 6,000 share (2,000 to his father and 200 to Basa and purchased 16 hectares agricultural lands along the coast of Talisay
*Rizal-Pastells Debate in Religion
*Challenged by a Frenchman, Mr. Juan Lardet to a duel
*Idyllic life in Dapitan
*Met the Friars spy: “Pablo Mercado” Florencio Namanan (photo of Rizal and a pair of buttons with initials P.M.)
*Artistic Works: Mother’s Revenge, The Dapitan Girl, Josephine Bracken
*Business: Abaca and copra
*Invention: sulpukan and machine making bricks
Wrote Mi Retiro and El Canto del Viajero
Community Development Projects:
       1.       Clinic
       2.       Water system
       3.       Coconut Oil Lamp (500 Php)
       4.       Beautification of Plaza
       5.       Relief Map of Mindanao
      6.       Educator to 16 Talisay boys (Hymn to Talisay)
July 7, 1896
Met Dr. Pio Valenzuela about KKK
July 17, 1896
Voluntary Military doctor to Cuba
July 31, 1896
Espana: Adios, Dapitan (4 years, 13 days)
Last Trip Abroad
August 6, 1896 – September 2, 1896
Dumaguete, Cebu, Iloilo, Capiz and Romblon
August 30, 1896
Received 2 letters from Gov. General Ramon Blanco for the Ministry of Colonies and Minister of Wars (Duplicity)
September 3, 1896
Last trip abroad: Isla de Panay
September 7, 1896
Singapore: urged by Manuel Camus to stay
October 6, 1896
Arrested in Barcelona: Monjuich and returned to Manila
Last Homecoming
November 3, 1896
Arrival in Manila (Colon) to Fort Santiago
Evidences: 15 documents and testimonials
Defender: Lt. Luis Taviel de Andrade
December 13, 1896
Gov. General Camilo de Polavieja
December 26, 1896
(8:00 AM)
Cuartel de Espana, Trial of Rizal
December 28, 1896
Polavieja signs Rizal’s execution
Martyrdom in Bagumbayan
December 29, 1896
Alcohol burner (Trinidad)
Retraction with Fr. Balaguer
December 30, 1896
6:00 AM Begin Death March
7:03 AM Death by firing squad
35 years, 5 months and 11 days


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