Thursday, August 8, 2013



Humblest of all friends that I have
A charming one, virtuous above
Never your generosity
Nor it failed me your sympathy
Ever am grateful friend to you
Endless are the  moments with you

Those memories planted in mind
Here in nostalgic heart I bind
Engraved past moments we can find

Shine your life like bursting sunray
We’re not long in this world to stay
Enter and walk on the right way
Emegre strong that nothing could sway
Taka Care” as always I could say
Entrust you in God as I pray
Remember Him – won’t go astray

How I wish you’ll be in the flock
Of having life – it is that lasts
Nothing more than usual “good luck”
Enough for the worldy and lust
Yet still there’s time – enter the flock!


Jolly is your soul beyond personality
And no one would ignore that you are so gutsy
Entangled though indespair but you’re not clumsy
Never you gave up, it make us proud amity

Our dear friends beyond the flock, before it’s too late
For them let us beg Thou to enter heaven’s gate

Alas! The end comes, let’s take them in persuasion
Redeem from fire”, let it be our supplication
Count them when we pray for the day of salvation

She’s beneath the cloudless sky a beauty
How sweet her voice entwined with modesty
Enchanted her charm in simplicity
In her gentleness a morning delight
Soothes with her caress the sun’s glaring light

Does time design amity as an art?
Old memeories of friendship she took apart
Nostalgic songbird sings such past apart
Nothing more to sing, let God rules her heart
Always make Him in life a central part


He is man of talents so gifted
Exquisite hands for the crafts bequeathed

It is well-known he’s a wiity jester
Sonorous his voice, its round and better

Dear friend, let the songbird strikes on the strings.
As to our friends would hear the one who sings
Now ceome, hear me, my song for them to see!
In heaven, ask  Thous for love and mercy
Enlightenment  for those beyond the flock
Let this song rings, in their hearts unlock.


Youth of today behold for tomorrow
Our destiny – either joy or sorrow
Upon our shoulders the weight of furrow

Amidst all odds let’s refresh our friendship
Remember during our championship
Emphasize upon us our shared hardship

So that my friend the values we take bold
Together we could share it to the world
Enriched memories with lessons to scold
Without malice I’ll fetch memories old
And recall God’s great love for us to hold
Recognize God – the greatest to behold
Thus walk the path where could be found His fold!

(May 04, 2010)


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