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The Life and Works of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

The Life and Works of
Dr. Jose P. Rizal

Analysis of Selected Work of Dr. Jose Rizal from its beginning to publication and other events surrounding the works

PhilippinesDapitan2 gate columns (depicting busts)Sculpture
1889September22FranceParisA beggar and a girl with basket - sent to BlumentrittLetter
FranceParisA beggar and a maiden - 2 statuesSculpture
1887October19PhilippinesManilaa boatSketch
1887February21GermanyBerlinA defense of the Philippines and another an attack on her detractor - sent to Prof. BlumentrittLetter
1892August26PhilippinesDapitanA Don Ricardo Carnicero - is written for Captain Carnicero who is the officer in charge guarding RizalEvent

A Filipina girl dollSculpture


PhilippinesDapitana gay Franciscan friar beside a wine barrelSculpture

PhilippinesDapitanA JosephinePoem
1879November29PhilippinesManilaA la Juventud Filipina - Receives an honorable mention for his poem given by the "Real sociedad Economica de los Amigos del Pais"Event
1879November22PhilippinesManilaA la Juventud Filipina Recieves a silver pen as an award for first prize for his poem "A la Juventud Filipina" in the contest conducted by the "Liceo Artistico-Literario" at the "Teatro Variedades"Event
1889November15FranceParisA la Patria - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1884January9SpainMadridA landscapte and a sketch of a figure - On 9 January he wrote: "I have finished my landscape as well as my drawing of a figure."Sketch
1886April22GermanyHeidelbergA los Flores de Heidelberg - writes the poem while in HeidelbergEvent
1890December15SpainMadridA mi - is a poem published in the La Solidaridad under his pen name Laong Laan.Event

PhilippinesDapitana painting on a pair of mother of pearlPainting



1879December8PhilippinesManilaAbdel-Aziz y Mahoma - is writtenEvent
1896December12PhilippinesFort SantiagoAddition to his defense - Rizal write his addition to his defense.Event
1888December31U KLondonAddress to his Compatriots at Barcelona - sends his letterLetter
U KLondonAddress to the Filipinos at Barcelona signed with his pseudonym, Laong Laan - letter is sentLetter

After MassNovel
1881January25PhilippinesManilaAl muy R.P. Pablo Ramon, S J del Ateneo is written to honor the rector of the AteneoEvent
1875November14PhilippinesManilaAl Niño Jesús - a poem is writtenEvent
1876April19PhilippinesManilaAlianza Íntima Entre La Religión Y La Educación - writesEvent

allegorical medal - The centenary of the Real Society of the friends of the countrySculpture

GermanyBerlinAllegory on a pair of porcelain vases of the new year's celebrationPaintings

1882August28PhilippinesManilaAmor patrio (Love of Country) - appears in Diariong TagalogLetter
1882August22SpainBarcelonaAmor Patria - 'LOVE OF COUNTRYPlays
1882September12PhilippinesManilaAmor patrio - censorship of the poem in the Philippines reported to Rizal by Basilio Moran publisher of the Diariong TagalogLetter
1883January19PhilippinesBulacanAmor Patrio - Diariong Tagalog - The friars hate Rizal for his article published in Diariong TagalogLetter
1882August20SpainBarcelonaAmor Patrio - his first article written outside the Philippines is published in the Diarong Tagalog.Event
1890October31SpainMadridAmor Patrio - is published in the La Solidaridad under his pen name Laong Laan.Event
1889March8SpainMadridAn insulting article by Quioquiap in El Día - Antonio Luna asked Rizal to answer itLetter

U KLondonAntonio de MorgaSketch

U KLondonApuntas de Portificacion de CampanaSketch

U KLondonApuntas de Portificacion de CampanaSketch

U KLondonApuntas de Portificacion de CampanaSketch

PhilippinesDapitanArchaelogical findings in Lumanao hill RINGSketch

PhilippinesDapitanArchaelogical findings in Lumanao MAPSketch
GermanyBerlinArte Metrica del tagalog" - read to the Ethnographic Society of Berlin, which thesis he used to be admintted as a member of the society.Event
1890February15BelgiumBrusselsBarrantes - 'Al Excelentesimo Senor Don Vicente Barrantes - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1889June30FranceParisBarrantes - 'Al Sr. D. vicente Barrantes - The second part is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890February12SpainMadridBarrantes - Blumentritt is furious at Barrantes(Noli) - Will write a series of articlesLetter
1889June18FranceParisBarrantes - Blumentritt’s defense of the Noli. - JPR He wants hasten the printing of Blumentritt’s defense of the Noli.Letter
1889June19FranceParisBarrantes - Blumentritt's Defense of the Noli. - Rizal’s writes a PrologueLetter
1889May26FranceParisBarrantes - His answer to Barrante's criticism is sent to Mariano Ponce to be published under his pen name Laong Laan.Event
1889June23SpainBarcelonaBarrantes - Ponce sends a postcard to Rizal asking for his permission to issue a reply to Barrantes in pamphlet form. Printing of Blumentritt’s defense of Noli me tángere almost finished.Letter
1889May26FranceParisBarrantes - Rizal sends Ponce a post card with his reply to Barrantes on the Tagalog TheaterLetter
1889June15FranceParisBarrantes -'Al Sr. D. Vicente Barrantes - first part of his letter is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890March6BelgiumBrusselsBarrantes' article on the Tagalog Theater - errors told to BlumentrittLetter

Barrantes' criticism of Noli me tángere - Rizal replies by letterLetter
1892May19BorneoSandakanBases - Rizal’s draft "Bases" sent to the Directors in EnglandLetter

PhilippinesDapitanbiscuit mold - made by Rizal while in DapitanSculpture
1889September23SpainBarcelonaBlumentritt - Ponce inquires about the proofs of "Memoria" of BlumentrittLetter
1889March26FranceParisBlumentritt’s Memoir - Finished up to chapter 8Letter
1892April3BorneoSandakanBorneo - Rizal’s project to lease land in British North BorneoLetter

PhilippinesDapitanbowl of pipe representing a girl's headSculpture
1888May141516USANew YorkBrooklyn bridgeSketch
1876July2PhilippinesManilaBugler on Horseback - being drawn and hopes to paint it in oil.Letter
1888December24UKLondonBust - Augustus sculpture Julius sculpture - Reminds Blumentritt of the sculptures that Rizal sentEvent

PhilippinesCalambaBust - 'Don Francisco Mercado - wood - life size - made sometime 1887 - 1888Sculpture

SpainBarcelonabust of an intern at the Hospital de Santa Cruz - NO PICTURE - claySculpture

U KLondonbust of Augustus Caesar - NO PICTURE - clay sent to Dr. Blumentritt from London in 1888Sculpture

PhilippinesCalambabust of Don Francisco Mercado - his father - mentioned by JPR in his letter to his parents and brother and sisters dated Madrid, 11 January 1883Sculpture
1883January11SpainMadridBust of Don Mercado - in a letter states "Keep the clay bust that I made so that when I return I may see how much my beloved father’s face has changed."Letter

PhilippinesDapitanBust of Dr. Ricardo Carnicero - clay - made in 1892 - 1893Sculpture

bust of El Friale al Regreso - NO PICTURE - woodSculpture

FranceParisBust of Felix Pardo de Tavera - NO PICTURE - broken by the Tavera familySculpture

PhilippinesDapitanBust of Fr. Jose Guerrico - claySculpture

PhilippinesDapitanBust of General Blanco - NO PICTURE- IvorySculpture

PhilippinesDapitanbust of Juan Sitges - NO PICTURE - claySculpture

U KLondonbust of Julius Caesar - NO PICTURE - sent from London in December 1888Sculpture

SpainBarcelonabust of Mirabeau - NO PICTURE - terra cotta - intended for Valentin VenturaSculpture

bust presented to the Salon of Paris - NO PICTURE - clay - presented and in the Salon of Paris in 1889Sculpture
1886Feb Aug
GermanyHeidelbergCartoons in Heidelberg - made for Fritz Ullmer while Rizal was in HeidelbergSketch
1885November27PhilippinesCalambachess set sent to his family on November 27, 1885Letter
1886December31GermanyBerlinChineses pithcers - given by Rizal to a certain captain and ex-aide of General MoltkeEvent

Christ crucified - NO PICTURE - crayonPaintings
1890May15FranceParisclay figure - Ventura receives from Rizal a little clay figure - Ventura is not sure for whom it is intendedLetter

Columbus and John ( Colon y Juan II) - writespoem
1890December15SpainMadridComo se gobiernon las Filipinas - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890April30BelgiumBrusselsCosas de Filipinas - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event

PhilippinesDapitanDapitan - plan of the Dapitan water works - made with Father Sanchez in DapitanMapsPlans
PhilippinesDapitanDapitan - Sends for safekeeping to the Museum in Manila historical documents about Dapitan and its founderEvent

Dapitan - written by Rizal about DapitanPlays

PhilippinesDapitanDapitan church curtains - oil - made by Rizal of the parish church in DapitanPaintings

PhilippinesDapitanDapitan girl - 'model head of a Dapitan girlSculpture
1889September8FranceParisDiferencias - Rizal sends his reply to an article against him published in La Patria.Letter
1889September15FranceParisDifferencias - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1876April1PhilippinesManilaEducation Gives Luster to The Motherland - is writtenEvent
1875December5PhilippinesManilaEl Cano was a Spaniard, the first to circumnavigate the world - writesPoem
1876December3PhilippinesManilaEl Cautiverio y el triunfo - writes the poemEvent
1875December5PhilippinesManilaEl Combate: Urbiztondo, Terror de Jolo - writes the poemEvent
1880April13PhilippinesManilaEl Concejo de los Dioses - Wins first prize (gold ring) in the literary contest sponsored by the "Liceo Artistico-Literario de Manila"Event

El Consejo de los Dioses - diploma of honor and merit for "El Consejo de los DiosesEvent
1880April13PhilippinesManilaEl Consejo de los Dioses (THE COUNCIL OF THE GODSPlays

PhilippinesManilaEl Consejo de los Dioses (THE COUNCIL OF THE GODS)Plays
1893April30PhilippinesDapitanEl Consjo de los Dioses - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1875December5PhilippinesManilaEl Embarque - writesEvent
1877March23PhilippinesManilaEl embarque (Himno a la flota de Magallanes) - Receives a prize for his poem the graduation ceremonies.Event
1891October2SpainBarcelonaEl Filibusterismo - A critical appraisal of El Filibusterismo superior to the Noli. Exquisite style, sublime thoughts.Letter
1890September6PhilippinesCalambaEl Filibusterismo - Saturnina ask If the second volume of your work is finished, send me even only one copy so that I can read it soon.Letter
1891May30BelgiumBrusselsEl Filibusterismo - 20 chapters of "El Filibusterismo" is readdy for printing.Event
1891September18BelgiumGhentEl Filibusterismo - comes off the press. Printing press of "F. Mweyer-Van Loo at No. 66 VladerstraatEvent
1891October3FranceParisEl Filibusterismo - En route to Hong Kong with 600 copiesLetter
1891March29FranceBiarritzEl Filibusterismo - Finished writing "El Filibusterismo" In Biarritz, FranceEvent
1891September18BelgiumGhentEl Filibusterismo - Going to Hong Kong with 800 copiesLetter
1891June13BelgiumBrusselsEl Filibusterismo - He is left with only 3 more chapters of the "El Filibusterismo" to edit.Event
1891September22BelgiumGhentEl Filibusterismo - Rizal is pleased with Blumentritt's criticismLetter
1891August6BelgiumGhentEl Filibusterismo - Rizal suspends the printing which has reached 112 pages for lack of fundsEvent
1889August17PhilippinesManilaEl Filibusterismo - Serrano sends Rizal 240 pesos as advance payment for El Filibusterismo.Letter
1891August26BelgiumGhentEl Filibusterismo - writes that my work (01) is progressing. Within one month you will have it, and me with it. I am studying the way of introducing it into Manila.Letter
1891May30BelgiumBrusselsEl Filibusterismo is finished and ready to go to press – It will be ready within two months if there is moneyLetter
1877December8PhilippinesManilaEl Heroismo - Finishes his poem "El Heroismo"Event
1889March15U KLondonEl Solfeo de la Defensa - published in the "La solidaridad".Event
1889March19FranceParisEn el Bosque - Leaves to Mariano Ponce the decision to publishEvent
1889March19FranceParisEn el bosque. - The best poem of Rizal in his own opinion - signed as "Laon Laang" and not as "Laon Laan" En El Bosque - Do not publish my poem En el bosqueLetter
1876December3PhilippinesManilaEntrada triunfal de los Ryes Catolicos en Granada - writesEvent
1886Feb - Aug
GermanyHeidelbergEphigenia - pencil sketch - NO PICTURE AVAILABLESketch

PhilippinesDapitanEstudio sobre la lengua Tagala - Starts to write a book "Estudio sobre la lengua Tagala".Event
1886November28GermanyBerlinEthnography of Mindanao - Rizal's translated for BlumentrittLetter
1889April23FranceParisEthnography of Mindanao - Sends to Barcelona for publication.Event

PhilippinesDapitanFamily tree - 'Rizal family treeSketch

Father Pablo Pastells - sketch - - NO PICTURE - LostSketch

PhilippinesManilaFelicitación - writes the poemEvent
1884July1SpainMadridFilibusterismo - Writes an article for the "El Progreso" where he explained the term "Filibusterismo"Event
1889November11GermanyParisFilipinas dentro de cien años - Rizal intends to expand and improve his essayLetter
1889September30FranceParisFilipinas dentro de cien anos - first part is published in the la Solidaridad.Event
1890February1FranceParisFilipinas dentro de cien anos - fourth part is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1889November22FranceParisFilipinas dentro de cien anos - informs del Pilar that the 3rd part will be publishedLetter
1889October31FranceParisFilipinas dentro de cien anos - second part is published in the la Solidaridad.Event
1889December15FranceParisFilipinas dentro de cien anos - third part is published in the la Solidaridad uner his pen name Laong Laan.Event
1890March31BelgiumBrusselsFilipinas en el Congreso - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event

First trip May 1882 - Aden - Sketch book of Rizal on his first trip on May 1882 - pencil or inkSketch

First trip May 1882 - Along Suez Canal - Sketch book of Rizal on his first trip on May 1882 - pencil or inkSketch

First trip May 1882 - Castle of St.Elmo - Sketch book of Rizal on his first trip on May 1882 - pencil or inkSketch

First trip May 1882 - Parting view of Manila - Sketch book of Rizal on his first trip on May 1882 - pencil or inkSketch

First trip May 1882 - Singapore lighthouse - Sketch book of Rizal on his first trip on May 1882 - pencil or inkSketch

First trip May 1882 - studies of passengers of SS Djemnah - Sketch book of Rizal on his first trip on May 1882 - pencil or inkSketch

First trip May 1882 - studies of passengers of SS Djemnah - Sketch book of Rizal on his first trip on May 1882 - pencil or inkSketch

PhilippinesDapitanFishes caught in DapitanSketch
1894April10PhilippinesDapitanGift of books by famous authors received from Dr. MeyerLetter
1886August16GermanyLeipzigGift of two books from Blumentritt - thanks Blumentritt for themLetter
1888April29U S ASan Franciscogifts of 10 combs to his sisters - two doors for Paciano - sent by RizalLetter

Gladiator - sketch in pencilSketch
1890December22AustriaLeitmeritzgold pen - A fraternal gift of the Filipinos to Blumentritt: A draft on a London bank is received but the gold pen is not receivedLetter
1891October9FranceParisgold pen is still at MadridLetter

Goodbye to Leonor - writes the poemPoem

Gran Consuelo en la mayor deschicha (Great Solace in the greatest misfortune - writesPoem

ChinaHong Konghead of an Egyptian - a candle holder - plaster made in DapitanSculpture

U KLondonheads of 3 Beckett girls - NO PICTURE - bas relief - claySculpture

PhilippinesDapitanHeads of Sibili Cumana - included in the Sibil CumanaSketch
1895October13PhilippinesDapitanHimno de Talisay - Rizal sends his mother the poem written for his pupilsEvent
1887March5GermanyBerlinHistory of Mother - Translates the "History of Mother" written by Adnersen in German into French.Event

Hundred letters - bottle - ink - could be seen in"100 leters of Jose Rizal"Sketch

Hymn to Labor - writesPoem
1885November27PhilippinesCalambaimage of Christ and a chess set to his family are sent by RizalLetter

PhilippinesManilaImage of Virgin Mary - NO PICTURE - wood - while at the Ateneo de ManilaSculpture
1892November11PhilippinesDapitanImitation of Christ - Rizal thanks Pastell for the book as a giftLetter

JapanYokohamaImitation of Japanese art - ink - NO PICTURE AVAILABLESketch

PhilippinesManilaImmaculate Conception - NO PICTURE - quotation from Rizal's writing also mentions crayon and painting which is "pencil" (sketch)Paintings
1889November30FranceParisInconsequencias - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event

Ingratitudes - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1887May24AustriaViennaInterview with the Extra Blatt reporter.Letter
1892April28BorneoSandakanJapanese curtains - Mrs. Pryer thanks Rizal for a gift of Japanese curtainsLetter
1890September30SpainMadridJose Maria Panginiban - Pensamientos dedicados al malogrado Jose Maria PanganibanEvent

PhilippinesDapitanJosephine Bracken - medallion - wood - made sometime in 1895 - 1896Sculpture

PhilippinesDapitanJosephine sleeping - plaster - made in 1895 - 1896 while in DapitanSculpture

PhilippinesDapitanJosephine's head - NO PICTURE - claySculpture
1886February28SpainBarcelonaJÜAN LUNA - article praising Juan LunaPlays
1886September15SpainMadridJuan Luna - Rizal's article on Juan Luna is published in La Ilustración of BarcelonaLetter
1884June9PhilippinesManilaJunto al Pasig - A literary controversy over the poemLetter
1880December8PhilippinesManilaJunto al Pasig - is performed in AteneoEvent
1884April17PhilippinesManilaJunto al Pasig - Miciano (cousin of Jose Cecilio - Gilbert) criticizes Rizal’s Junto al Pasig.Letter
1876December3PhilippinesManilaLa Conquista de Granada - writesEvent
1895November15PhilippinesDapitanLa Curacion de hechizados - Written for Sr. D. Benito Francia.Event
1889April30FranceParisLa Defensa - is published n the La SolidaridadEvent
FranceParisLa defense de Corcuera - Rizal would like to make a big bookLetter
1889May24SpainBarcelonaLa verdad para todos - Antonia Rodriquez de Ureta wrote an insulting novelette entitled Pacita, la joven Filipina that is good for the article La verdad para todos (The Truth for All”).Letter
1889May31FranceParisLa verdad para todos - is published in the La Solidridad.Event
1889May24SpainBarcelonaLa Verdad para todos - will be published in La Solidaridad in the next issueLetter

La Vision - Noli - “Agricultores” – - Publication of Rizal’s article - Copies of Rizal’s “Visión,” etc. sent to Manila – Sale of the Noli.Letter
1889April2FranceParisLa Vision - Rizal ask what the price is for selling themLetter
1889January6U KLondonLa vision de Fr. Rodriguez - requesting Ponce to make a correctionLetter
1888December28U KLondonLa Vision de Fr. Rodriguez - Rizals asked Mariano Ponce to publish "La Vision de Fr. Rodriguez" and to use proceeds from the sale of the Noli to finance the printing.Event
1888December28U KLondonLa vision de Fr. Rodríguez - sent to Mariano Ponce for publication at Barcelona.Letter
1889January8SpainBarcelonaLa visión de Fr. Rodríguez is very well written – To be published by the Filipinos at BarcelonaLetter
1882November7SpainMadridLas dudas - writesEvent
1890November5SpainMadridLas Luchas de nuestros dias - The first part of his comments on D.F. Pi y Margall's article "Las Luchas de nuestro dias" is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890November30SpainMadridLas Luchas de nuestros dias - 'The second part of his comments on D.F. Pi y Margall's article "Las Luchas de nuestro dias" is published in the La Solidaridad.Event

Leonor Rivera - crayon - kept in original frameSketch

GermanyBerlinLimang Salita - a fairy tale - inkSketch

GermanyBerlinLimang Salita - a fairy tale - inkSketch

GermanyBerlinLimang Salita - a fairy tale - inkSketch

GermanyBerlinLimang Salita - a fairy tale - inkSketch

GermanyBerlinLimang Salita - a fairy tale - inkSketch

GermanyBerlinLimang Salita- a fairy tale - inkSketch

Lorenzo D'Ayot re El Teatro Tagalo - his reply to Lorenzo D'Ayot's article regarding El Teatro TagaloEvent
1882August20PhilippinesManilaLove of Country - Published for the first time in Diariong Tagatog, ManilaNovel
1890October31SpainMadridLove of Country - published in La Solidaridad, MadridNovel
SpainBarcelonaLove of Country - writtenNovel
1888December6U KLondonMa-i island - writes an extensive article on the island Ma-i described by Caho Jukua, a chinese chronicler.Event
1896December10PhilippinesFort SantiagoManifesto to Certain Filipinos - Rizal inquires if he will be allowed to issue a manifesto to his countrymen concerning the use of his name in their agitation. Permission was granted him and he wrote the manifesto, but its publication was not alloweLetter
1896December15PhilippinesFort SantiagoManifesto to Certain Filipinos - Rizal writes his manifesto urging the Filipinos to stop fighting.Event
1890December31SpainMadridMaria Makiling - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890November23SpainMadridMaria Makiling - He writes "Maria Makiling" under the pen name Laong Laan.Event
1890Decemberr31SpainMadridMariang Makiling - Published in La Solidaridad on December 31, 1890Novel

Mariang Makiling - Published in La Solidaridad on December 31, 1890Plays


PhilippinesDapitanmarionette clown - NO PICTURE - wood - made in 1891 - 1895Sculpture
1890May15BelgiumBrusselsMas sobre el asunto de Negros - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1892February9PhilippinesManilaMasonic document making Rizal Honorary Venerable of Logia Nilad for outstanding services to his native countryLetter
1889March31FranceParisMe piden Versos - is published in the La Solidaridad under his pen name Laong LaanEvent
1882October4SpainMadridMe Piden Versos - recites "Me Piden Versos" for the members of Circulo Hispano-Filipino at the house of Pablo Ortiga y Rey.Event
1878November1PhilippinesManilaMemorias de un Estudiante de Manila - writes chapter 3Event

PhilippinesManilaMemorias de un estudiante de Manila" writes - chapter 8Event
1878September11PhilippinesManilaMemorias de un estudiante de Manila" - writes chapter 1Event
1878October28PhilippinesManilaMemorias de un estudiante de Manila" - writes chapter 2Event
1879April7PhilippinesManilaMemorias de un estudiante de Manila" - writes chapter 4Event
1879December1PhilippinesManilaMemorias de un estudiante de Manila" writes - chapter 5Event
1881November16PhilippinesManilaMemorias de un estudiante de Manila" writes - chapter 6Event
1889June4FranceParisMemorias on the tribe of Mindanao. - e translates Blumentritt's "Memorias" on the tribe of Mindanao.Event

1895October22PhilippinesDapitanMi Retiro -- Rizal sends his mother the poem, and also Himno a Talisay written for his pupilsLetter
1896December30PhilippinesBagumbayanMi Ultimo Adios - Wrote his famous poem "Mi Ultimo Adios" the night before Dr. Jose P. Rizal was martyred at Bagumbayan at 7:03 a.m.Event
FranceParisMonkey and the Tortoise - sketch in ink - 6 pages of sketchesSketch
1886January0FranceParisMonkey and the turtle - Rizal puts in the album of Paz Pardo his illustrated story of the monkey and the turtleEvent
FranceParisMonkey and the turtle - The Tortoise and the monkeyPlays
1889September9FranceParisMorga - Busy finalizing his annotations to Morga's "Sucesos de las islas Filipinas".Event
1893November22PhilippinesDapitanMorga - By letter, allows O'Neale to reprint his annotationsEvent
1890November8FranceParisMorga - Concerning “A Reply to I. de los Reyes”—Isabelo made a mistake in refuting Anotaciones a la Historia de MorgaLetter
1889December31SpainBarcelonaMorga - Ponce comments on the Magnificent prologue to the Morga by BlumentrittLetter
1890February25PhilippinesManilaMorga - received the bill of landing of a box of copies - Because of strict censorship he does not know when the books will be released and whether they will be allowed to circulate - Some copies of it are already circulating secretlyLetter
1888August16U KLondonMorga - Rizal is admitted to the British Museum in LondonEvent

Morga - Rizal received two copies of Morga - one Antonio took and the other is in Rizal's homeLetter
1888December25U KLondonMorga - Rizal will use Data on Ituy Blumentritt gave him to enrich his Annotations to MorgaLetter
1889May20FranceParisMorga - Rizal, himself will publishLetter
1889December23FranceParisMorga - Sucesos de las islas Filipinas - comes out of the printing press.Event
1889July30FranceParisMorga - Sucesos de las islas Filipinas - reading and correcting proofs and adding new annotations to Morga's at the Garnier HermanosEvent
1889July12FranceParisMorga - Sucesos de las islas Filipinas - Rizal returns to Paris from London where he studied the proofs of "Sucesos de las islas Filipinas" with the original in the British Museum.Event
1888September30U KLondonMorga - Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas - Rizal was negotiating with Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor for the publicationLetter
1889July23FranceParisMorga - Sucesos de las islas Filipinas - Sends to the printing press his annotations to Morga's "Sucesos de las Islas Filipina".Event
1888August18U KLondonMorga - Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas by Morga - I am now very busy with Morga. I am planning to copy the entire work and present a new edition to the public, especially the Filipino public. Dr. Antonio Regidor2 wishes to be my financier.Letter
1889December28FranceParisMorga to the Philippines - Rizal sends four copies of his edition to RoxasLetter
1888September19U KLondonMorga's "Sucessos de las Islas Filipinas" - Rizal is finished copying the whole book of MorgaEvent

U KLondonMorga's "Sucessos de las Islas Filipinas" - Starts reading Morga's "Sucessos de las Islas Filipinas" and plans to annotate it to correct some inaccuracies.Event
1888August26U KLondonMorga's History - Rizal wishes to write annotations to the Morga comparing them with Stanley's translation.Letter
1889July23FranceParisMorga's history of the Philippines is now in press - Prologue by Blumentritt -Two articles by Rizal in La Solidaridad.Letter
1889December1FranceParisMorga's Sucesos - Finishes proof reading his annotations to Morga's Sucesos.Event

mother of pearl - 'a painting on a pair of mother of pearlPaintings

PhilippinesDapitanMother"s revenge - clay - The Mother's Revenge is a clay sculpture created by Jose Rizal in Dapitan, 1894. It is in the collection of the Colegio Medico FarmaceuticoSculpture
1888December8U KLondonMother's Revenge - 'Revancha or Revenge of the Mother -. Sends to Dr. Carlos Czepelack his culptural work "Revancha".Event
1887May24AustriaVienaMr. Adler of the newspaper "Extra Blatt" interviews RizalEvent

1891August21FranceParisNoli - Juan Luna will do the drawings for the second editionLetter
1888July4SpainBarcelonaNoli - Ponce ask Rizal if Rizal has heard of Fr. Salvador Font’s censureLetter
1891June20AustriaLeitmeritzNoli - Bluemntritt tells that Colonel von Koller read the Noli twice El Filibusterismo, a thunderbolt that will knock down the enemies gold pen is now in Europe.Letter
1887September4AustriaLeitmeritzNoli - Blumentritt ask Rizal for permission to translate into GermanLetter

Noli - cover of Noli Me Tangere - ink - now in the original Noli in Bureau of Public librariesSketch
1890June11BelgiumBrusselsNoli - Earnestly wishes to finish the 2nd volume of the Noli and be ready for any eventualityLetter
1888October6SpainBarcelonaNoli - Extract from a defense of the Noli – reappearance of the newspaper España en FilipinasLetter
1886October24SpainMadridNoli - Financial difficulties in the printingLetter
1888October12U KLondonNoli - is being analyzed critically in the PhilippinesLetter
1887September6SpainBarcelonaNoli - J. Peilifenis was told by Blementritt that he wants to translate Noli into German, with Rizal's permissionLetter
1891November26ChinaHong KongNoli - Manuel Camus to sell the Nolis - 4 Nolis at 25% commissionLetter
1888June27U KLondonNoli - No one would take the slightest step to enable Rizal’s works to enter MadridLetter
1888June23U KLondonNoli - Paciano Rizal is Philosopher TasioLetter
1887March6PhilippinesCalambaNoli - Paciano sends another 1,000 pesos for expenses and printing of the bookLetter
1888August18U KLondonNoli - Ponce ask Rizal to send copies of Noli to ManilaLetter
1889July9PhilippinesBinondoNoli - Ponce received the copies of the defense of Blumentritt [that is Blumentritt’s defense of Rizal’s novel, El Filibusterismo].Letter
1888August2SpainBarcelonaNoli - Ponce sends a copy of Fr. Font’s review to RizalLetter
1890February2FranceParisNoli - Praise for the Noli by Fr. SanchezLetter
1888August25SpainBarcelonaNoli - Rizal sends Ponce 3 copies of Noli me tángere, as you ask me in your letter of the 18th instant. I am sending you besides the last part of Fr. Font’s analytical criticismLetter
1887September5PhilippinesCalambaNoli - Rizal tells Blumentritt that it raised a great deal of uproar in the PhilippinesLetter
1886November29PhilippinesManilaNoli - Sivestre Ubaldo sends Allowance and money for the NoliLetter
1888November1SpainBarcelonaNoli - The anonymous defender of the Noli is Fr. Vicente GarciaLetter
1887October19SpainMadridNoli - The Filipinos at Madrid have not done anything to secure a permit for the importation into the PhilippinesLetter
1888July9U KLondonNoli - The Noli is not anti-Catholic or socialistic or Proudhonian - "We are filibusteros when we raise our voice"Letter
1888September17U KLondonNoli is banned in the Philippines - Chirino is too pro-friar and childishLetter
1887May 15 June 33SpainMadridNoli me tángere - application for a permit to import filed at the Ministry of Formento at MadridLetter
1887March27AustriaLeitmeritzNoli me tangere - Blumentritt acknowledges receiving the novelLetter
1887May23PhilippinesBinondoNoli me tángere - Cecilio informs Rizal that the Noli was received with enthusiasmLetter
1887March21GermanyBerlinNoli Me Tangere - Copies of the novel "Noli Me Tangere" arrives from the press. He sends a copy to Prof. Blumentritt.Event
1888September4FranceParisNoli me tangere - copies were found by police in the House of Laureano Viado and ConfiscatedLetter
1889April12FranceParisNoli Me Tangere - Dr. Luis M. De Pardo, as a member of the Spanish cortes, delivered a speech against the Noli in the Cortes.Event
1887March21GermanyBerlinNoli Me Tangere - EnglishNovel
ChinaHong KongNoli Me Tangere - His brother Paciano translates the "Noli" into Tagalog.Event
1886December8PhilippinesCalambaNoli me Tangere - Paciano wants Rizal to wait for the reaction to the Noli before he goes home to the PhilippinesLetter
1888June8U KLondonNoli me tángere - Rizal had to leave the Philippines because of the novel.Letter
1888June23U KLondonNoli Me Tangere - Rizal thinks of publishing a second edition of the Noli with slight changes and to include the illustrations of Juan Luna.. He also wanted to correct the erroneous citation of Shakespeare which should had been Schiller.Event
1889June18FranceParisNoli Me Tangere - Sends Blumentritt's manuscript "Defensa del Noli" to Marcelo H. del Pilar to be published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1887December13PhilippinesManilaNoli me tángere - The customs would not release the box of copiesLetter
1887December29PhilippinesManilaNoli Me Tangere - The Permanent Board of Censure undr Fr. Salvador Font prohibits the publication of the "Noli Me Tangere".Event
1888September9FranceParisNoli me tangere. - Regidor went to Spain and will take charge of advertising the Noli me tangere in the newspapers.Letter
1887February21GermanyBerlinNoli Mi Tangere - Tells Evaristo Aguirre not to divulge that the Noli is being rushed for printing. He gives it a pseudo- title "Sampagas".Event
1888August10AustriaLeitmeritzNoli must - Blumentritt opines that it must very much persecuted in the Philippines.- received a copy of Noli from DisenganosLetter

SpainMadridNotas Clinicas - made in 1884-1885 - NO PICTURE - inkSketch

BelgiumBrusselsnude lady lying down - terra cotta composite statute - nude lady lying downSculpture

1889May15FranceParisOn Travel - 'Los Viajes - is published in the La Solidaridad under his pen name Laong LaanEvent
1889May15SpainBarcelonaOn Travel - publish in La SolidaridadNovel

PhilippinesDapitanOrate Frantes (Let us pray brethren) - wax - illustrated in Alejandro's La Senda del SacrificioSculpture

PhilippinesDapitanOyang Dapitana - clay - made in 1893 - 1894Sculpture

U KLondonPacific ocean sphere of influence - made during the administration of Pres. Benjamin Harrison mentioned by Rizal in his article "The Philippines a Century Hence"MapsPlans

PhilippinesDapitanPedro Burgos - sketch made in Dapitan 1894-1895Sketch
1892February16ChinaHong KongPhilippines - The Hong Kong telegraph publishes Rizal's letter signed "Philippines"Event

SpainMadridplan of lodging house in 15 Bano Madrid - ink - now in Lopez museumSketch
1889May15FranceParisPor teléfono - Manuscript of the satiric article Por teléfono by Rizal is sent to Ponce for publication in booklet formLetter
1889May15FranceParisPor Telefono - Rizal sends to Mariano Ponce his "Por Telefono" to be published in Barcelona.Event
1889August13FranceParisPor teléfono - Rizal tells Ponce that Rizal would like to correct the proofsLetter
1889May21SpainBarcelonaPor telépono - will be Published in booklet form like La vision de Fr. RodriguezLetter

SpainBarcelonaPortrait of MoraytaPaintings
1889October10FranceParisProclamation for bloody revoluton - Rizal is believed to have written a proclamation for a bloody revolutionEvent
1893May3AustriaLeitmeritzPrometheous - Blumentritt tells Rizal that Mrs. A. B. Meyer admires Rizal's The Triumph of Death over LifeLetter
1890July5BelgiumBrusselsPrometheous - Rizal ask Blumentritt if he has received already the 'Triump of Death of Life and Triump of Science over Death - Gift of two sculptures (the Scientia is broken)Letter

BelgiumBrusselsPrometheus - "Triumph of death of life" - clay - sent to Prof. Blumentritt in Brussels in 1890Sculpture
1892November1AustriaLeitmeritzPrometheus - Blumentritt writes Rizal that the statutes occupies a special place in Blumentritt's houseLetter
1890September29AustriaLeitmeritzPrometheus - Triumph of Death over Life admired by two German artists.Letter

BelgiumBrusselsPrometheus bound - clay - given to Dr. Blumentritt in Brussels in 1889?Sculpture

BelgiumBrusselsPromethus - 'Triumph of science of death - clay - sent to Prof. Blumentritt in Brussels in 1890Sculpture

PhilippinesDapitanpublic faucets representing a lion's head - NO PICTURE - terra cotta made in 1894 - 1895Sculpture

PhilippinesDapitanrelief map of Mindanao - made in Dapitan church plaza by the end of 1892MapsPlans

1882November2SpainMadridRevista de Madred - 'RIZAL REVISTA DE MADRIDPlays

GermanyHeidelbergRevista de Madrid - 'Rizal's impression of Madrid - Taken from the book Reminiscenses". Transcribed in W.E. Retana:Vida y Escritos del Dr. Jose Rizal, Madrid 1907 pages 100 - 102. Letter is taken from Rizal's notebook "Clinica" in French.Plays
1882November2SpainMadridRevista de Madrid - Wrote "Revista de Madrid" which was in intended for publication in the Diarong Tagalog in Manila, but was not published because the newspaper stops its circulation.Event
1892September1PhilippinesDapitanRizal thanks Fr. Pastells for his gift of a book by SardaLetter
PhilippinesCalambaRoom where Noli was started - crayon - Made in October 1887 in CalambaSketch

PhilippinesCalambaSA AKING MGA KABATA - wrote his first poem when he was 8 years oldEvent

PhilippinesManilaSacred heart of Jesus - wood - made in Ateneo de ManilaSculpture

Saint Paul - 'San Antonio de Padua - claySculpture
1893January9PhilippinesDapitanSaint Paul - 'San Pablo en oracion - Sends Fr. Pastells a sculpture San Pablo en oracionEvent
1893February2PhilippinesDapitanSaint Paul, - Pastell writes Rizal I received on time your very esteemed letter of the 9th January. I appreciate the gift that in honor of St. Paul you have deigned to send me.Letter

PhilippinesDapitanSaint. Paul the hermit - clay - given as a gift to Fr. Pablo Pastells in DapitanSculpture
1883December31SpainMadridSaludo el ano nuevo (To the New Year) - recitesPoem
1876June2PhilippinesManilaSan Eustaquio, Martir - writes "San Eustaquio, Martir"Event

Saturnina Rizal - oil - now in Rizal Shrine in Fort SantiagoPaintings
1886November23GermanyLeitmeritzSchiller and Andersen - Blumentritt is happy Rizal has published theTagalog translation to be read by FilipinosLetter
1886November22GermanyBerlinSchiller's and Andersen's stories translations sent to Rizal's nephew.Letter
1886October2GermanyLeipzigSchiller's drama - to be translated by Rizal into TagalogLetter

FranceParisSchool in HK - plan for modern college (front view) - owned by Dr. L.L. R. apparently in Paris, 1872MapsPlans

FranceParisSchool in HK - plan for modern college (side view) - owned by Dr. L.L. R. apparently in Paris, 1872MapsPlans
1890April15BelgiumBrusselsSeamos justos - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event

Segunda Katigbak - inkSketch

Side Sketch of Rizal's nurse - NO PICTURE AVAILABLESketch

Side sketch of Senor Monroy - NO PICTURE AVAILABLESketch

GermanyBerlinSignificance of Palm Sunday - written in French in Berlin 1887Novel
1890February28BelgiumBrusselsSin Nombre - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event

1886December9GermanyBerlinSketch - Self sketch - Rizal sends Blumentritt to reciprocate for Blumentritt previously sent Rizal Blumentritt's pictureLetter
1887October19PhilippinesManilaSketch of a sailboat - Sketches in pencil a sailboat in the Laguna Bay sailing.Event

Sketch of artist JunachoSketch
GermanyLeitmeritzSketch of Blumentritt - pencilSketch
GermanyHeidelbergsketch of Fritz Ullmer - pencilSketch

GermanyBerlinsketch of himself - ink - sent to Dr. Blumentritt in 1887Sketch

Sketch of himself - made while in the training class studying sketchingSketch
GermanyHeidelbergsketch of Pastor Ullmer - pencilSketch

Sketch of the ascent of Mt. Makiling - pencil - sent to Dr. BlumentrittSketch

Sketches of diary - From Heidelberg passing on the Rhein - Bingen TowerSketch

Sketches of diary - From Heidelberg passing on the Rhein - Commanding view of the RhineSketch

Sketches of diary - From Heidelberg passing on the Rhein - façade of the Cologne cathedralSketch

Sketches of Diary de Marseiles a Hong Kong 1887Sketch

Sketches of Diary de Marseiles a Hong Kong 1887 - 1891?Sketch

SpainMadridSketches of Drs. De Wecker and Becker - ink - inserted in a letter to Dr. ViolaSketch

Sketches of friends in Café Madrid - - chalk - lostSketch

U KLondonSketches of scenery and Filipino customs or costumes?? - chalk - sent to Dr. Czpelack from London in 1888Sketch
1890September15SpainMadridSobre la Indolencia - fifth part of "Sobre la Indolencia" is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890July15BelgiumBrusselsSobre la Indolencia - first part of "Sobre la Indolencia" is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890July31BelgiumBrusselsSobre la Indolencia - second part of "Sobre la Indolencia" is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890August15SpainMadridSobre la Indolencia - third part of "Sobre la Indolencia" is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1890August31PhilippinesMadridSobre la indolencia de los Filipinos - fourth part of the "Sobre la indolencia de los Filipinos" is published in the La SolidaridadEvent
1890July20BelgiumBrusselsSobre la Indolencia de los Filipinos - Rizal sends to del Pilar the continuation of the "Indolence of the Filipinos"Letter
1890April15BelgiumBrusselsSobre la nueva ortografia de la lengua tagala - is published in the La Solidaridad. This is in a form of a letter.Event
1887March21GermanyBerlinSong of Maria ClaraPoem

PhilippinesDapitanSong of the WandererNovel

SpainMadridSpanish characters in Mdrid - - inkSketch

PhilippinesCalambaSpanish coat of Arms - NO PICTURE - water color - done during fiesta of San RafaelPaintings
1884June25SpainMadridSpeech - delivers his best known speech to honor Juan Luna and Felix HidalgoEvent
1884August31PhilippinesManilaSpeech for Luna and Hidalgo - Jose Cecilio inform 'Rizal of the good reception Filipinos have in the Philippines of his speech at the banquet of Madrid in honor of the Filipino paintersLetter
1885January9PhilippinesManilaSpeech for Luna and Hidalgo - Jose Cecilio writes Rizal that Gracio Gonzaga admires Rizal’s homage to Luna and Hidalgo published in Los Dos MundosLetter
1883December31SpainMadridSpeech in Cafe MadridEvent
1884November5PhilippinesCalambaSpeech of Rizal - Local comments on Rizal's speech at the Luna and Resurrection Hidalgo banquetLetter
1884September30PhilippinesManilaSpeech of Rizal (possibly to Luna and Hidalgo - Gilbert) - published in the "Los Dos Mundos" magazineLetter
1886March2SpainMadridSpoliarium - By Juan Luna bought by the government of Barcelona.Letter
1889September22FranceParisstatues of a beggar with a hat and a maid with a "bilao" in her hands - sends Blumentritt 2 statures as gifts from admirers of Blumentritt from the PhilippinesEvent
1895January1PhilippinesDapitanStatutes and regulations for the Society of Dapitan Agriculturists.Event

Stay in Japan -Sketch


1887September26PhilippinesCalambasulpakan (lighter) invented by Rizal - sends to BlumentrittLetter
1887November15AustriaLeitmeritzsulpakan and the flowers sent - Blumentritt acknowledges receiptLetter
1886November27GermanyHeidelbergTeruray - prepared and sent to Blumentritt brief outline of the dialect "Teruray" used in the West coast of MindanaoEvent





The lake district of central LuzonMapsPlans


The Lord gazes at the Philippine IslandsPlays


FranceParisThe Tortoise and the MonkeyProse

third novel - 'AFTER MASSPlays
1892April20ChinaHong Kongthird novel - Rizal abandons the idea of continuing writing the third novelEvent
1891September22BelgiumGhentthird Novel - Rizal plans to write a third novel about the customs and usages of the Filipinos in a humorous and satiricl style during his travel back home.Event
ChinaHong Kongthird novel - Rizal writes his third novel about the Tagalog customs, usages, virtues and defects.Event
1883August22SpainMadridTo Miss C. O. y R.Poem
To the PhilippinesPoem
To the very Reverend PabloRamon S. J.Poem

To the Virgen Mary - writesPoem

BelgiumBrusselsTriumph of death over LifeSculpture

BelgiumBrusselsTriumph of science over deathSculpture

FranceParisTwo Eastern Fables - His comparative study of the Philippine and Japanese folklore titled "Two Estern Fables" is published in Trubner's Record in London.Event
1884January9SpainMadridTwo sketches without a description - crayon -Madridiary of 1884 Academy of San FernandoSketch

Un Recuerdo a mi Pueblo - A Tribute to my townPoem
1890October31SpainMadridUna contestacion a Don Isabelo de los Reyes - is published in the La Solidaridad under his pen name Laong Laan.Event
1890July15BelgiumBrusselsUna Esperanza - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1889May23FranceParisUna Profanacion - writes "Una Profanacion" which was published on July 31, 1889 in the La Solidaridad.Event
1889July31FranceParisUna Profanacion - Writes and publishes in the La solidaridad his "Una Profanacion" as a reaction to the death of Mariano Herbosa and his not being allowed a Catholic burial.Event
1889July22FranceParisUna profanación (A Desecration) - ask Ponce to publish the two articles in La Solidaridad.Letter

Unten den LindenPlays
1886January1FranceParisVases - Rizal presented to Miss Pardo (1) a pair of Grecian vases painted by me -- one representing the Filipinos at pastime (cockfighting) and the other portraying Filipinos at work (milk vendors, prisoners, etc.)Letter
1889July31FranceParisVerdades Nuevas - is published in the La Solidaridad.Event
1889July22FranceParisVerdades nuevas (New Truths) - ask Ponce to publish the two articles in La Solidaridad.Letter
1888December28UKLondonVision of Friar Rodriguez - by Dimas Alang (José Rizal)Plays
1886August22GermanyLeipzigWaitz-Gerland - Rizal writes Blumentritt wants to translateLetter

Water and FirePoem

PhilippinesDapitanWild boarSculpture
1890October8PhilippinesCalambaWilliam Tell - on Paciano's request Rizal sent to Matias Belarmino Rizal’s Tagalog translation of Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller’s William TellLetter
1886October2GermanyLeipzigWilliam Tell - Rizal is translating "William Tell" by Schiller into Tagalog.Event
1886October12GermanyLeipzigWilliam Tell - 'Rizal' s Tagalog version of Wilhelm Tell sent to PacianoLetter

U KLondonwomen of malolos - text of his Message to the Young Women of MalolosLetter
1889February22U KLondonwomen of Malolos - On the suggestion of Marcelo H. Del Pilar, he writes his famous letter to the women of Malolos,Event

PhilippinesDapitanwooden platters - wood - made in Dapitan 1894 - 1896Sculpture

PhilippinesDapitanwooden tops - for "Sibila Cumana"Sculpture

SpainMadridwounded gladiator - NO PICTURE - clay - started in Madrid in 1884 at Academia de San FernandoSculpture
1884April8SpainMadridwounded gladiator - sculpture - Starts his sculpture of the "wounded gladiator".Event
1875December5PhilippinesManilaY es Espanol: Elcano El Primero en dar Vuelta al Mundo - writes the poem "Y es Espanol: Elcano El Primero en dar Vuelta al Mundo"Event

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